Stephanie Redfern Jones sends us an elegant love poem inspired by Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XVII from his 1960 collection 100 Love Sonnets. Redfern Jones’s speaker expresses their love in so many ways that attempting to define love becomes one of the main themes of the poem.


The ways I love you (Inspired by Pablo Neruda’s ‘Sonnet XVII’)

I love you without cause or confidence,

I love you in elegant incandescence.

I love you with all the atoms of my existence,

Until my being is no longer here, and all is absence.


My thoughts speak all day only of you,

Their voices stride gallantly through my head, all askew.

Remain in my care whilst the moon rises above,

I remember when our souls met and formed parentheses of love.


Two weeks since I wrote to you,

My feelings penned down all in black,

Even though your answer wasn’t what I wanted,

Not a single scrawl would I take back.


I will love you for all of my days,

The strength of my love never will fade.

That letter I sent, it may crumple and wane,

But the envelope of my heart will enclose you all the same.


All the things I have to do,

They all get put on hold for you.

(Because every treasured moment I remember,

All began with you that June).


Give me indication of how much I mean to you,

For my heart holds so much hope, it overflows

Into the darkness of existence, to the scope

Of the vast grandeur of the universe.


Over seven billion people, and you are the only one my brain turns to.

The scales always tip

To the possibility of you.

Never wanting you was never an option,

For my feelings remain mysterious concoctions

Of wonderful things mixed up in my being.

And you are the creator of these miraculous feelings,

Of which I never grow tiresome of revealing.


How many ways do I love you?

Let me show my love in art,

Travel with me, and return to the start,

Where it all began with the ricochet of my heart.



Stephanie Redfern Jones