It’s the time of year again! Well, no, not really; it’s October, but you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t felt that cold nip to the air and immediately thought of Father Christmas. Unfortunately, we are never here to celebrate the festivities in the chocolate box Christmassy magic of St Andrews during December. However, the annual sell-out Christmas Ball from Mermaids is always a good way to hail in the festive season, even if we can’t be here for the main show.

Christmas Ball serves to fund student-run theatrical acts from St Andrews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, last year raising about £15,000 to fund six shows at the internationally acclaimed festival. At just £35 a ticket – which includes the St Andrean staple of a cone of Jannettas and a glass of cava, as well as all the Turkish delight and cupcake goodness as you can handle on top of the whole night of entertainment and transport there and back – Christmas Bell is definitely one of the best steals in the St Andrean social calendar.

The ‘One Hundred Years of Deep Winter’ tagline has had C.S. Lewis enthusiasts excited since the earliest advertising, but for those of you who somehow haven’t heard: the theme of Christmas Ball this year is Narnia. Given that this annual ball is eleven years old this year, Mermaids are certainly well-practiced in throwing brilliant events – cue dreamy memories of last year’s wall-to-wall chocolate fountains and Willy Wonka purple bridge. This year we can expect winter forest magic, snow galore and plenty of music behind the wardrobe doors. As a black tie holiday event, Christmas Ball is the best excuse to get out those ball dresses that are inappropriate for any other situation: glitter, silver, fur – just dress like the Winter Queen herself. Extra points to whoever comes dressed as Mr. or Mrs. Beaver. Lottie Barker, the Mermaids Christmas Ball Convener, said on the subject, “we are so excited to have the Narnia theme running through the ball. It will still have a traditional Christmassy vibe and feel but with touches of Narnia magic throughout to ensure it is different to any other event.” Just let me dust off my lion costume, it’s been waiting for this day.

Though Christmas Ball is held at Kinkell Byre every year, this time around there will be a new space added onto the main dance area in order to offer different drinks and music to appeal to everyone. The Correspondents, the eccentric electro swing duo will be headlining this year, along with The Black Sheep and The Alleycats, as well as DJs playing well into the night. Also being refreshed this year is the pre-party; after roaring success last year, it’s being revamped bigger and better with themed drinks at an as yet undisclosed location.

Ticket sales are on the 5th November, and this is always an event in itself. This year ticket sales are inside Venue 1 (HURRAH!), indubitably a relief for those of you who are still thinking about the frostbite you got from last year’s 10am queue outside the Barron Theatre. Additionally, the wait will be made less painful on account of it being set in a winter wonderland complete with snacks, refreshment, a projector-sized viewing of Narnia, and live music from The Alleycats, Music is Love and The Accidentals.

Basically, Christmas Ball is the staple in the St Andrews social calendar, a constant fascination as each year it fills with more and more events. It is an absolute classic that cannot be missed – make sure you get there early to nab a ticket; they’re always gone fast!


Christmas Ball Ticket event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/371035029729485/?fref=ts



Francesca Ffiske



Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/events/371035029729485/