You may want to read Jessica Yin’s Clockwork as an exploration of time. Do we like to think of time as regulating our actions and as something we can happily work with, or do we see time as a negative force which restricts and limits our freedom? These questions of time are raised through the imagery Yin employs in Clockwork



A tiny beat,

Faint, like the memories of a dream in the hazy, morning sunlight.

A little flutter,

And a tumbling, sputtering, crazy symphony takes flight.

A small, fragile hope,

With a shower of joy that clings and fights and lingers.

An invisible crack,

And the world shatters like fireworks in a glass emporium.

A single shard,

Like the draining of colours from Ceres’ cheek.

A clockwork heart,

Too strong for love that’ll make her bleed.



Jessica Yin