In the grand autumn tradition of flavouring everything possible with pumpkin space, the Tribe invites you to get pumpkin spice tipsy on this refreshingly spicy pumpkin cooler. Ginger vodka and pumpkin puree make this drink seasonal, and its fantastic orange colour mean that it’ll look great on Instagram (just a suggestion *wink*).


Ingredients (for two cocktails):

100 ml vodka

50 g fresh ginger

25 ml lime juice

60 g pumpkin puree (available canned, or puree a slice of cooked pumpkin)

sweet ginger ale

spoonful honey

spoonful warm water



Mix the honey and warm water until blended into a syrup and set aside to cool.  Peel the ginger, then slice off two thin pieces for garnish and grate the rest. Stir the grated ginger into the vodka, and leave to infuse for an hour. After infusion, strain the ginger out and add the vodka, lime juice and pumpkin puree to a cocktail shaker with ice and mix thoroughly.  Split the pumpkin vodka mix between two glasses with ice. Finish each drink with a splash of ginger ale, then swirl in a spoonful of the honey syrup and garnish with sliced ginger.  Enjoy immediately.



Olivia Ives



Photo Credit: Olivia Ives