It’s not quite mulled wine season yet, but a white wine spritzer is far too summery for Scotland in October.  As the perfect middle ground, I present to you the Port Authority: a drink made with white port. White port, which is similar to the more classic red port, is made with white grapes and aged for 18 months to give it a full, fruity flavor that is much cleaner and brighter than heartier red port. Mixed with tonic water, it creates a sweet, light, and interesting drink that is incredibly cost effective and easy to have with meals or at a cocktail night where you don’t want to get too sloshed too fast. White port is more difficult to come across than other varieties, but Luvians Bottle Shop or the St Andrews Wine Company are the best bet in St Andrews.



  • chilled white port
  • tonic water
  • green grapes


Mix the port and tonic in a 2:3 ratio over ice and garnish with sliced green grapes, or a slice of orange and a sprig of rosemary. Serve as an aperitif or with dinner.






Olivia Ives


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