‘Culture in essence is beauty in different forms, and it can also define or break a society because culture is evolving and changes constantly, although it is believed that culture is an ever-fixed mark that is meant to stay the same. I have found out that the culture of a country has the power to shape a community, influence their beliefs, and lastly bring them closer together.’

– Yasmine Kyriakos


Here, Yasmine Kyriakos shares with us her fascinating photography project ‘Culture Differences Through a Lens’, which captures the different aspects of European/Italian and American culture. Here are her thoughts on what she learned during the process: 

‘I believe I grew as a person in the sense that I was exposed to poverty, homelessness, situations which I am normally shielded from. With these experiences I was able to get a new take on life. I learned to be grateful for what I have, and the shelter my parents have given me. I also grew in the sense of I have come to terms with who I am, an aspect of my life, which has remained ambiguous until this experience. I am from two places, Italy and Lebanon; I live in the United States and have acquired cultures of all three places. As a global citizen, I am exposed to all different cultures all the time and I am proud to share my Italian culture as well the one I know best, and believe in. The integrity I have acquired through this experience will stay with me. I have learned to appreciate all cultures, and not judge cultures for they are each important to other people. ‘


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Photo Credit: Yasmine Kyriakos

Edited and Compiled by: Liz Nicholls