Imogen Marshaal, a second year St Andrean who loves writing and traveling, shares two foodie finds if you’ve only got two days in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 


Dubrovnik, for all its beauty, can be somewhat foreboding to a student, as it has a reputation for high prices. Consequently, eating out is not always something to jump into. However, after a hard day kayaking or exploring the city walls – activities not exactly for the faint hearted – the treats on offer here are too much to pass by…Here are two dinners not to miss.


Dinner #1: Lady Pipi

15148395708_208727cf77_zAlthough the views on offer at the very top of the city walls are completely worth the hike, around midday in the heat, your stomach may not be so gratified, even if your eyes are. Consequently, the smell of grilled fish wafting up to the top of the battlements is too tempting to miss. After some exploring, climbing yet more stairs, and winding through the maze of streets, we reached the open air terrace of Lady Pipi. The restaurant – with a vine leaf canopy and an open grill by our table – was truly Mediterranean gastronomic heaven. The prices here were very reasonable by Dubrovnik’s standards – less than £8 for an enormous platter of fresh fish and vegetables, mouthwateringly fresh and juicy. The enormous langoustines were nothing short of paradise for the taste buds. The place buzzed with a mixture of tourists and locals – something that appears rare in the touristy centre of the Old Town of Dubronvik. With the relaxed atmosphere and good food, it was not hard to see why people step just a little off the beaten trail and exert their calves a bit more to visit this tiny haunt.


Dinner #2: Buza Bar

387648924_06db69363a_zHaving rented kayaks for the day, quite an ordeal for us as inexperienced kayakers, my friends and I deserved a foodie treat. The sight of people jumping off the tiny Buza Bar, clinging to the side of the rock face below had immediate appeal. Buza Bar literally clings by the skin of its teeth, teetering on the edge of the rocky cliffs of Dubrovnik. The owners clearly had their heads screwed on, though, with the killer combination of breathtaking views, good music and cold drinks combining into a heady mix of what can only be described as summer. As all reviews will tell you, the drinks are pricey but the views are free, as is the opportunity to feign recklessness, jumping the few feet down into the cool water below. After the chill set in, dinner beckoned to us from the restaurant just around the corner. The fresh seafood in the risotto proved again why Dubrovnik is famed not just for its views but also for its seafood.



Imogen Marshaal


Photo credit: Imogen Marshaal