With our iPhone reminders and meticulous planners, we all desperately try to bring some order to the hectic, uncontrollable world around us. However, the universe is much too clever for us, and we are still caught unaware, surprised by chance encounters, unplanned meetings, and serendipitous happenings. Chance – and all its unpredictable, beautiful uncertainty – is the theme of Stereoscope’s mini-issue this year.

Stereoscope is a magazine that publishes student photography and essays alongside photography from the University’s Special Collections. They are accepting photo entries for this mini-issue until Saturday, November 1st; photos can be emailed to stereoscopemagazine@gmail.com.

For those needing inspiration about photographing ‘chance’: it simply is that photo you didn’t mean to take. Chance exists outside of our intentions and what we meant to capture when we squinted and pointed our cameras. We cannot wish it into existence; we cannot plan for it to appear. It’s a surprise and can be anything from a whimsical moment to a candid snapshot of exhaustion. It’s that time the camera captures the world unaware without its mask. So go out, and take a second to be an observer of the world, walk around with your camera without a plan or a goal, and enjoy whatever visions you stumble upon. Then send your photo to Stereoscope so the rest of us can also marvel at the startling nature of chance.



Jessica Yin 


Photo courtesy of STEREOSCOPE magazine