Having heard great things about BINDI and it’s colourful, uninhibited fun, I jumped at the chance to pop along this time. Perhaps a little too keen, we arrived somewhat promptly and were met by an empty dance floor and awkward hovering photographers poised for the eventual hoards. But all was not lost: a cool society member in a stunning turquoise skirt informed us with a practiced air that, “everyone will turn up at 11,” before returning to putting us to shame with her dance moves.




Sure enough, prophetically, as eleven o’clock came around, the dance-floor suddenly surged, and I saw why so many people have told me to go to BINDI. DJ Harri, enthusiastically advertised on the Facebook page, ended up being a crowd favourite who took requests but mainly stuck to heavy-beated Bollywood-esque music. As a serial dad-dancing bobber, this was the break I’d been waiting for. A twist I enjoyed was the drummer dressed beautifully in a traditional Sherwani (she says confidently, desperately Googling.) Everyone was obviously an old hat at BINDI, dancing away without embarrassment in a way that is hard to find in the generally stiff, British St Andrews without the unpleasantness of the too-drunk. It was rather hard for newcomers to feel completely at home in an atmosphere where people were obviously friends and so comfortable with one another, but the warm, vibrant mood would have had Louise Richardson herself on the dance floor.




The Scores Hotel offered the formality and gravitas of a hotel, but without any stuffiness as people drifted in and out of the main room. The bar was in a separate room, allowing a kind of crowd control and keeping the main room as an enormous dance floor. Although the drinks were very expensive, the bar was full every time I stuck my head around the door trying to find my short friend in the hoards of glittering, jewel-bright revellers.




In all, the South Asian Society put on a colourful, sparkling, rhythmic night full of lights and dancing, and it was extraordinarily good fun. As it was undoubtedly intended to, BINDI made me extremely excited for Sitara* next semester!



Francesca Ffiske 



Photo credits: Yasmin Kyriakos



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