Long beaches, surfing all day long, and a very relaxed everyday-life – that pretty much sums up the Gold Coast, located on the East Coast of Australia. Although Aussie cuisine mainly focuses on BBQs and is not necessarily known for being outstanding, Jacky Westermann tells you where to dine nicely around the place she calls her second home…


Dinner #1: Justin Lane

For your first dinner on the Gold Coast, make a reservation at Justin Lane. This outstanding restaurant in the middle of Burleigh, directly on the Gold Coast Highway, offers a wide range of fantastic Italian food. Open up the night with amazing starters; try the meredith goats cheese with pickled fennel. Delicious firework in your oral cavity! The dishes have a Mediterranean twist and are all tantalizing, making it hard to pick a main course. The dishes are mouthwatering; the smell of the smoked pork belly pizza with pear, provolone and chives had my vegetarian friend craving…


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The atmosphere is nice, a bit loud for a first date, but definitely a great place to have a dinner with friends chatting away. Be sure to go for a nice, digestive walk afterwards to Burleigh Heads National Park and enjoy a view over the sea to Surfers Paradise looming in the distance. Also, if you fancy it, grab an ice-cream at Cold Rock on your way up – it’s delicious.


Dinner #2: Miami Marketta 

Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm, the Miami Marketta is an international food fayre – choose among everything, from cosmopolitan vegetarian salads to typical BBQ-food to German sausages. Pick one out of the countless different Thai curries, Hungarian specialities, Turkish delicacies, Spanish paella, and so many more! Just try it all, there is everything your foodie heart desires at the market.

First, buy your food at one of the stands, then purchase some drinks at the bar and find yourself a seat on the many tables in the different halls, all of which which remind me of a workshop or factory site. Usually there is a band playing nice music and arty designers offering their products in one of the halls. Stroll around and maybe buy one or two presents off the artists: scarves, wallets and light silk-like dresses. And don’t forget to visit the Dutch selling traditional poffertjes out of the back of their caravans. Miami Marketta is a truly a culinary adventure!



Jacky Westermann



Photo credit:  Jacky Westermann