Tom Liney’s Hit Back was inspired by watching people running along West Sands. However, we can see that while writing the poem Liney’s inspiration has grown into a meditation on our relationship with our environments. Let us know what you’ve been inspired by – send us your ‘inspired’ poetry to


Hit Back

You’re staring at the sea slap.

Salt filled breeze hits back.

Ears full with headphone music- crap.


Chatter filling every space, with a pace

That’s running, ruining, ruling.

Once a rhythmic beat to step to

Now a rhythmic beat to hide from.


Switch-off the chitchat – It’s time to hit back.

Cos when you do it’s more full than empty;

Still doesn’t mean stagnant, it’s movement

Breaks and fragments.


Jazz up the beat-

Notice the swell and the stitch.

Appreciate the tiredness and enthusiasm around you,

Pumping, pulsing, pursuing you-

Let it run into unruly silence beneath you.


In a world that won’t stop,

Stop still a while.



Tom Liney