For this week’s issue, one of our new writers Jessica Yin has sent us four poems. Once Upon a Time employs haunting imagery to give an almost grotesque feeling to the poem. Check out all four of Jessica’s poems this week and see if you can detect a common thread. 

Once Upon a Time


Ghosts linger around my hollow soul,

their broken laughter, a song of woe.

Specters dance like winds of past,

memories linger, lights that last.

Cue the curtains, spotlights train

Two laughing shadows, an endless game

Not Romeo or Juliet,

but nonetheless, their end we met.


Autumn leaves, you and I,

Our fate to fall, cry winter’s rise.

Dawn to dusk, white to green

One aimless girl, her mind now clean

Sands that flow, dear father time

Broken hopes you leave behind

On silver wings, I fly apart

Our story fuels my secret heart.

Jessica Yin