Cameron Evans’s Pater has a nostalgic feel to it that does not leave one in tears nor cringing at any kind of hackneyed sentimentality. There is a certain flow, naturalness and ease to Cameron’s writing that I can’t quite pin-point, but which makes reading his poetry a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Thank you for your submissions Cameron – please, send us more! 


remember you now

By the tattoo book stamp

That lives on though you do not

And the photos

That captured each essence

Each colliding particle

Of your fragile existence


Ah, perfectly loved!

Now I shall carry your name 

Like a black burden omy soul

Stamped in your ink.


When I write, your words flow through me

You, dead – nymph, star, god

Are the quill, the sweat, the perhaps

And the Known.


I will reap what you sew

The harvest will be bountiful

And I shall speak your name.



Cameron Evans