In Run, Jessica Yin creates a powerful rhythm which has its full effect when we read the poem aloud. By reading this poem aloud, we can feel the emotion which has went into the writing of the poem as well as getting a look inside the speaker’s head. The sense of urgency, panic and chaos conveyed in the poem is, perhaps, a reflection of daily student life. This is definitely one to read if you’re looking for someone to share the madness with.




It always seems to start with whispers.


Sirens wail like the laughter of drunk stars

Fly away

Close your eyes, and fall under the gentle kiss of nature’s sigh.

Run away

Shake your head and watch the stardust shower flee, as you carry on with

shoulders set


Tremors, tiny earthquakes – Irish dancers merrily leaping on every nerve

Fingers beating staccato across the desk, in time with the

crimson drummer in my chest

Run away

Tip my head, a waterfall of sand drains from my mind into the

tick, tock, tick, tock heart which


my hands are bound by the hands that spin


Make the loops, tie the knots, stretch your legs and now I’m off

Running away from the snapping metal jaws of a ravaged mind,

the spirit of a broken girl with skeleton arms and desperate rage, who

haunts with disgusted eyes every morsel, every mirror, every thought of

respite and simple relaxation

Run away,

Leave behind the constant rain of dates and deadlines, meetings, and events

My vultures picking clean the remains of sanity

And answer me this essay question: if I know not who I am, or what I

stand for,

or for what purpose I live, how can I be expected to juggle phone bills,

house hunting, politics and judo, lectures and tutorials, maddening boys

and foolish friends?

Take a shot:

Let the fumes erase the poisoning desire and blur the tortured dreams of frenzied passion,

Numb away every “my friend” he’s ever uttered,

every longing to be held and kissed and loved by a dream that dwindles away

Run away,

to the timid blush of sunrise or the sparkling city lights, to imagine a world of human kindness,

Flash, smile, say cheese,

Seize these snapshots of incredible love, unbelievable strength, and

enduring hope so that I can believe that this fight is worth living and that

giving up would steal away all these flickering candles, whispered

conversations, and waves of uncontrollable laughter.

Down the shot

And forget that Kiev is burning, that I’ve got it easy,

that the songs of a revolution are rising without my voice,

without my fight, without my untiring stand on rights

Don’t catch your breath, for this world won’t allow

For one goddamn second of peace, of calm, of right here and right now,

Even a second to embrace fleeting notions of magic,

childhood dreams of portals and doorways,

of galaxies dancing with fairies and wizards,

and finding your own special happily ever after.


Fuck ambitions and goals and constant stair stepping,

Internships, interviews, grad applications,

Screw money and power and world domination

Just hold me and tell me I’m one in a million

That life is not more than a snapshot of moments,

Of clouds shaped like rabbits and books still unopened

Tell me the road, though winding and long,

With valleys and hills, and sunsets and storms,

Is worth every moment, though weary I am,

For strangers, and stories, and falls on my head

For that’s what life is: both the ups and the downs,

The tears bringing smiles and laughs all around

And maybe one day I’ll finally stop looking,

Put down my glasses and cease all my searching

For better than now, for brand new adventures,

For fresh made heartbreaks, and reckless decisions

Abandon the shoes and tune out the whistle

Say I’ve had enough, I’m just running in circles

Maybe one day, I’ll finally be me, but shit,

What’s the time?

 I’ve got psych lab at three.

    Jessica Yin