As I walked through the door of the Arts Lecture theatre, I expected to find a few scattered people dotted at the back but was surprised to find only one seat free and a chatting crowd. In fact, the friends I had brought with me (for moral support) were ironically forced to leave because of this shortage of seating, and I sat down feeling more curious and relaxed than I had before entering the room.

Shortly thereafter, Mistress Megara Furie took to the podium, looking somewhat shy – quite contrary to my preconceptions of an assertive and commanding dominatrix. The talk began with an explanation of how the dominatrix acts to reverse the ‘conventional’ roles of the male and female by taking command, dominating and turning the male in to a complete subordinate. Most of her clients hold positions of power in their day-to-day lives, so her service lets them live out their fetishes and be dominated – in a contrast to their careers – safe in the knowledge that it is confidential and away from prying eyes.

Mistress Megara went on to give examples of how she achieves domination over the client through the use of humiliation, degradation, pain therapy and experiences beyond their norm, which ultimately gives them a “holiday in their head.”




The stories Mistress Furie had to tell were unarguable crowd pleasers; my personal favourite was about a male who sought her after his wife refused to tickle him. He saved his money – instead of buying cigarettes – and paid her to pin him down and satisfy his yearnings for a tickle. Another man wanted to be bullied, so she forced him into a bodybuilding nutrition shop wearing in pink heels, a pink wig and a black PVC trench coat.

A rather more moving story was that of Rachel, a man past middle age who had hidden his secret identity as a woman from the world by owning a second apartment, away from his wife, where he could be himself. Sometime after his wife passed away, he contacted Mistress Furie, and the two went shopping. He found that if she told him exactly what to buy and wear, he did not feel the terrible guilt and could be who he had always hidden. The two went on to go out for meals and to the theatre as woman and woman, allowing him to come to terms with his identity.

This talk by Mistress Megara Furie provided great insight into the world of a dominatrix and her clients. I was surprised to find that I felt sympathy for the men who seek her out, looking to have parts of their lives considered contrary to the norms of society fulfilled, and that her work was not just about physical abuse with sexual gratification. Despite starting out the talk nervously, she soon formed a connection with the audience and used her experiences as a dominatrix to produce more than a few laughs. Her talk was a true eye-opener in the realm of kink.  

Samuel Hardisty


Photo credits: SHAG Week 2014 and Rebecca Ryce