Jessica Yin’s Struck encourages us to ask ourselves: what do we expect from being in love? 



They say the hardest part of falling in love

is knowing when to let go.

For love isn’t flying, spinning, or dancing

It’s falling.


Persistent like a jagged, broken film reel

Playing in an endless, infinite cycle in your head

Fragmented into grasps of laughter, restless conversations,

long, savoured, loving stares.


Shhh, baby, go to sleep

And a warm blanket that smells like him

pulls over your head and covers your world.


Open your eyes.

A garden of icy snapshots,

Each one a tiny paper cut

to a faintly beating heart:

a bird with shattered wings led on by a seed on strings,

just barely out of reach.


They say the worst part of falling in love

is the pain of letting go.

But I think the worst part of being in love

is the unrealistic hope.

Jessica Yin