From the 27th-29th October, The Barron Theatre, in association with On The Rocks and Mermaids, will play host to Edinburgh Fringe favourites HookHitch, who will perform their award-winning sell-out show This was the World and I was King. We caught up with On The Rocks director Emily Rogers and Head of Mermaids Ben Anderson to find out more. 


The Tribe: Tell us a bit about HookHitch, and why you were so eager to have them perform in St Andrews.

Ben and Emily: Hookhitch is a professional theatre company, but all of the members are under thirty. A few of us met them at the Fringe when they brought This was the World and I was King in 2013 and, not only did we fall in love with the show, but we were so impressed when we found out that they had written the entire show, created all of the music and built all of the puppets themselves.

Because we won’t have as much space in the Union for On The Rocks this year, Mermaids and On The Rocks wanted to bring Hookhitch to St Andrews to help people think about spaces creatively. This was the World is simple but it is magical. With this show, they make you forget that you are sitting in a plain blackbox theatre, and we wanted as many to see that happen and become inspired to put an event on during the festival.


The Tribe: We’ve heard ‘This was the World and I was King’ called a “family-friendly folk musical with puppets”… What can we expect from the show?

Ben and Emily: Puppets can go either way- when we first heard about the show at the Fringe, we red-flagged it because puppetry either works perfectly or it’s awful, and it being the Fringe, we felt like it was more likely to be the latter. But, when we saw the cast singing one of the songs from the show on the Royal Mile, we were blown away. All of the lyrics in the show are Robert Louis Stevenson poetry, and his words, paired with the casts’ vocals and basic instruments bring to life a thoughtful, moving story. The puppets are all handmade, and add to this world of imagination and youth that Hookhitch has captured perfectly. You can’t watch this show without smiling.


The Tribe: HookHitch are running a workshop on Wednesday 29th – can you tell us a bit more about it?

Ben and Emily: The workshop will provide a chance to meet the creative team behind Hookhitch and work with some members of the This was the World cast. It runs from 2-5pm in the Byre studio space and is completely free! Mermaids has been kind enough to sponsor it so that all who wish to can attend. There are 30 spots in the workshop and places are first-come, first served and can be booked by emailing Cate Kelly on cck4@st-andrews.ac.uk  Hookhitch will be spending equal amount time on developing acting, writing and collaborative devised theatre and music. If you are interested in any of those things or loved the show and want to learn more about how Hookhitch created it, the workshop is a great opportunity to meet and work with people our age who are building a name for themselves in the theatre world.


The Tribe: Lastly, why is this a show not to be missed?

Ben and Emily: We went to see this show 3 times at the Fringe- and if you’ve ever been to the Fringe, you’ll know that you don’t go to something more than once unless it was beyond words good because there are just too many other things to do. Its unlike anything we’ve seen before- it has the perfect mixture of hope and reality and it reminds you how much your imagination can do. Bottom line, this show is not to be missed because once you see it, it will not leave you. You will sing the songs to yourself, maybe cry a bit because it’s just that beautiful (we definitely did), and smile because Hookhitch know how to tell one hell of a story.



Tickets are available now online: http://www.ontherocksfestival.com/hookhitch.html

Facebook event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/581454881984290



Compiled by: Olia Kuranova 


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