Rough landscape, untouched nature, hardly any tourists – solitary vastness is probably the best term to characterise the South of Western Australia. The distances between locations and the possibility of driving for several hours through isolated areas without seeing another face created a perfect opportunity for Jacky Westermann to escape buzzing Perth and explore a new part of Australia…this is part two of three on Jacky’s three day trip.


Day 2:

The next day greeted me with rain and heavy clouds. Since it was pouring down, I passed Margaret River and stopped at the Yahava KoffeeWorks shop to get my coffee-fix before making my way further down the coast.

Heaps of caves are located in this area. If you have lots of time you can buy a combined ticket and check out all of the caves – but as I did not have time I chose the Lake Cave for my visit. It is – as the name implies – the only cave with stalactites and stalagmites – and a lake. It was beautiful; the tour was great and informative. Since I was facing a marathon of a drive that day, I quickly packed up after the cave visit and started driving south once again.

4421396085_a8584393cf_mThe best part about road tripping by yourself is that you do not have to decide with others where to stop, what to visit and where to go next; you can be spontaneous. Hence. when I saw a sign “Cosy Corner”, I found it sounded interesting and so indicated to turn right and see it. I made my way down a winding path and found myself at a breathtaking outlook of the Indian Ocean. It is among my absolute favourite places now in Australia. I was the only person around; it was so peaceful and I felt united with the rough landscape and prettiness around me.

Unfortunately I had to leave sooner than later in order to reach Augusta on time. Just outside of Augusta I faced the challenges of a rental car. My gas was on empty; I had to get petrol but soon realised I had forgotten to ask about the mechanism for opening the petrol lid in that certain car, meaning I had to search its entirety. I found nothing. Two truck drivers – obviously amusing themselves about my struggling – took pity on me after a while and showed me the very well hidden handle on the floor next to the driver’s seat.

2093321962_ec7fb6500b_zAll set, I was able to make my way to Augusta, a sleepy town in the far southwest. It was stormy but nonetheless I walked down to the lighthouse to witness the spectacular unification of Pacific and Indian Ocean. Not only the wind but also the view that day absolutely blew my mind. Once again time was rushing me – I faced a long drive all the way to my accommodation in Walpole. I managed just fine and was very glad once I had arrived at the great yet humble abode. I was even more relieved when I was upgraded to a single room. The owners are absolutely lovely and always open to chat over a cup of tea and some biscuits next to the fire place.

Then, I went to bed, and dreamt of tomorrow.

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Jacky Westermann


Photo credit: Jacky Westermann