Described as “Moonrise Kingdom” and “Galactic Gathering,” STAR’s Cosmic Cabaret was, without a doubt, a culmination of the most eclectic acts that I have ever seen on the same cosmic stage. For free-entry, this event was a bargain and – at the very least – an interesting night.

Taking place in Trinity Church Hall on Queens Terrace (which is NOT the church at the bottom of Queens Gardens), the venue was spacious, dark, and comfortable– if not a little cold. The hall was filled with tables and chairs, giving the guests ample room to relax. It was decorated cosmically, with the galaxy projected onto the ceiling and a makeshift stage at the front.

Performances began with the Jazzle Sisters – the beautiful hosts of the show – lip-syncing and dancing seductively to Lady Gaga. Following them, the night flowed from act to act, and no one could guess what we would see next. Throughout, STAR made sure to showcase its talk shows such as “Blether in the Bubble,” “Dish the Spish,” and “Ding Dong You’ve Done it Wrong.” Between these on-stage chats, there was a wide range of performances, from “Dating in the Dark,” to a comedian called Mike, to the St Andrews-famous rapper: Marcus Leo. Although the energy varied from one act to the next, this Cosmic Cabaret was engaging and flowed smoothly with the help of the tech staff and the Jazzle Sisters.

Because the doors opened at 8:30 and performances began around 9:45, the audience members had plenty of time to gather, get settled, and begin drinking. Though this is often adds to an event, in this case it did not. The overly-drunk audience talked through many of the performances, which caused the performers to get upset and falter. On multiple occasions, the event managers – the Jazzle Sisters – took to the stage to tell the audience, quite bluntly, to “shut the f*** up.” However, this did not cause any notable change in the audience’s behaviour for any noticeable length of time. I felt as though the audience members were not only inconsiderate and rude to the performers, but their antics subtracted from the entire show. Perhaps in the future, the venue should be less conducive to conversations and more to watching performances– like a theatre.

All in all, this was a decent night, and I did not have to spend a penny to enjoy myself. I will be keeping my eyes open for the next STAR event to have another quirky, eclectic experience.



Lisa Waddell


Photo courtesy of STAR: St. Andrews Student Radio?