We are so glad to have a new poem from one of our writers Tom Liney. His poem Frozen Beat is inspired by uncertainty in love and loss. 


Frozen Beat

Static wrinkles, bloodless bruises, faded incisions all solidified for show.

Your cheeks are creased with a gentle smile and I dare to find-

The scars from cesareans you wished would never go,

The birthmark you used to call an isle,

The contours of your palms; frozen in time’s glow.


I turn your legs inward so that no one notices your knobby knees.

Just like you used to stand.

I fold your arms into one another, cradling a life unplanned.

I tuck silver hair behind your ear.

Just like I would do when we walked along the pier.


I watch your lips, waiting for those precious words.

But they don’t come.

Captured within breaking waves-

The sea was where our love seed grew.

Creasing and pulsing it moved with us,

Set the beat for us – grew with us.


But now the beat feels different,

It beats afresh – full and restless.

Forever marked by time’s certainty

And memory’s uncertainty.



Tom Liney