Stan Usovicz sends us another beautifully written poem Hibernation



Simmering embers cast a gentle glow,
Their dim light, the only combatant of shadows.
The moon cannot aide its ally,
Nothing shows through the snowy windows.

Nothing talks save the fire’s cackling chuckle.
The occasional snap, like the crack of a knuckle
Cuts through the air undisturbed.
Not a word is said or is heard.

With blankets wrapped around, I behold the blaze
As the musky smoke disperses in a haze.
Embraced by the recliner,
My mind wanders, but, I keep an unwavering gaze.

The hours tick by, but I stare unaware
And breathe in the placid night air.
Time does not matter a bit.
There in my chair, at peace I sit.



Stan Usovicz