Stan Usovicz sent us more of his cuttingly satirical poetry this week. His poem Social MEDIAtion portrays a very recognisable world. 

Social MEDIAtion

‘Look at me! Look at me!’ we scream at our screens
Look at my life full of interesting things
Look at my pictures, the scenes I have seen
I’m a completely, uniquely, distinct human being!

I’m so wittily keen as you can see from these memes
Fantastically fascinated by all sorts things:
See everything, my interests and favorite sport teams
But more importantly, watch videos featuring me!

Look at my activism in my political posts
I objectively see things that most people don’t
Battled ignorant sexists and Internet trolls
They put up a fight, but I had the last lol

I see the injustice, the woes of the times
It sends an ice-bucket shiver right through my spine
By sharing a link I will stop Kony’s crimes
But I’ll soon be distracted by a 6 second vine

We’re all so, so different – it’s a world full of “I”s
Vicariously living through a Facebook disguise
Swiping through tinder to meet future ex-wives
Looking for hotties to impress other guys

I’ll shop on amazon so I don’t have to be seen
Save so much time with a self-checkout machine
Sit in my room with Netflix and the iciest of creams
And convince myself I’m still interact-ting

Then at the end we can pretend that we’ve done it right
As you pass through the tunnel and into the light
Will we finally see it’s a whole pack of lies?
The favorites, the retweets and hundreds of likes
The facebook, the reddit and our favorited sites

Did nothing to add to meaning of life.

Stan Usovicz