Johnny Morgan sends us his poem “TAI O” Written in blank verse, the poem has a sense of freedom and ‘finite space’ as the final line states. My favourite thing about this poem are the detailed images it presents the reader with as it focuses in on the speaker’s observations. If I’m correct, this poem is an observation of the fishing town of Tai O in Hong Kong. 



Tipped hats in
yellow rivers,
to yellow men, at yellow teeth
waves in the
shape of a thin pelvis
fold out from under me.
The Buddha turns his back
and a man with a crab’s arms
smirks or smiles
and the little girls
refuse the coins,
turn ‘em over to the boys,
slink into the Shadow of the Fat Man
like diseased pussy cats
storing themselves
clawing and
pawing out from under the
ice-cream vendor’s stall-
paused but
always out to play.
Water coffined puffins–
the urinal’s on the floor,
how’s your balance evolved?
so it’s
back to the third world squat
the oils pumped in drills,
and the villagers,
they drink it,
heroes and victims of a
finite space.




Johnny Morgan