Catriona Scott sends us the final part of her ongoing serial To Prove a Villain

Dramatis Personae

Richard Plantagenet – Comptroller of New York City.
Edward Plantagenet – His brother, Mayor of New York.
Elizabeth Plantagenet – Edward’s wife.
Harriet Stafford – Speaker of the New York City Council and confidante to Richard.
Katherine Woodville – Elizabeth’s sister and Harriet’s partner.
William Hastings – Public Advocate and good friend to Edward.
Dr Shaw – Doctor at King’s County Hospital.


In the final installment of To Prove a Villain (for this semester at least) we see Richard victorious, having murdered his way to the mayoral seat. But is it not said that pride cometh before the fall?



The final votes were counted at 9:15 last night, with the results announced by the Speaker of the City Council, Harriet Stafford, at a quarter to ten. The mayoral race has been a topic of great speculation throughout the elections – with some seeing Richard Plantagenet’s bid to succeed to his brother’s position as cold-hearted, and others deeming his mayoral ambitions only fitting as a member of the political dynasty which has been at the forefront of New York City politics for over twenty years. Whatever the reasons behind Richard Plantagenet’s ambitions in the race, he won the position with an extra eighty five votes to his name, thereby defeating his closest competitor, Thomas Stanley. Thus, the New York Times is delighted to announce his ascension to the position of New York City’s mayor.

In a brief speech following this announcement, Mayor Plantagenet expressed his gratitude to those who had voted for him, and reiterated his election pledges with promises to see them to fruition – making reference in particular to greater funding for healthcare (whether due to his own ailments or as a reward for the health service’s care of his older brother, the Times cannot say for certain) as well as for higher education and the city’s universities.

Richard Plantagenet was then officially sworn in as Mayor and, in an unusual change from the norm, will take on this office effective immediately, rather than at the beginning of next year as is traditional. The need for stability after the uncertainty of martial law, as well as the need for a strong leader and united political front in light of recent events, were cited as the reasons for this change.

The New York Times would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mayor Plantagenet and wish him every success in governing our fair city.

The results of the other elections (City Council, Borough Presidents, etc.), as well as a recap of the full coverage of the votes from the last night’s edition of The Times can be found on page four.



Catriona Scott 



Make sure you keep up to date with Creative Writing @ The Tribe next semester in order to find out how Richard’s position as Mayor works out…


This serial is inspired partly by historical fact and partly by historical fiction (that being Shakespeare’s 
Richard III); however, as the setting (New York City) is very much a real location – as are other businesses and events I have used – I felt the following disclaimer to be necessary. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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