Francesca Ffiske reviews The Sanskriti Society’s second dance party event of the year (the first – and last – of this semester), which went up at the Scores Hotel on 20th February. 




BINDI. Ah, BINDI. If you haven’t been to BINDI, realistically, what have you been doing? DRA ball? Pah. BINDI, always.

This was my second time donning my dancing shoes and venturing out into the cold Fife night to lock myself in the slightly charmless venue room of the Scores Hotel. With jumper, coat, and scarf, I was snug on my walk from Largo road, unlike my other friends who – as BINDI newbies – didn’t know about the most wonderful thing: free coat storage. Never to be underestimated.

However, like last time, we arrived to an astonishingly empty room with an awkwardly loud DJ playing to the three people dancing in a large space. It was an agonising flashback to all those school discos where everyone was too cool to dance and turned up determinably ‘fashionably late’ with light up trainers. This time we had arrived later, hoping that would skip this stage, but it seems even the determined warning that ‘YOU WON’T BE LET IN AFTER 10:30’ wasn’t enough to scare anyone. We decided to take refuge in the bar, which is in a comfortingly small side room and didn’t feel quite so pained.

That was, however, where the next problem awaited us. We were warned of a cash bar, but the astronomically expensive drinks ate up into the meagre funds I had brought, leaving me slightly put out. That was when one of the organisers – colourful in a pink, glittering number far more topical than my black dress – ran in and demanded we go and dance.

If you don’t like dancing, BINDI isn’t for you. If you do, it’s a dream. A mixture of South Asian music and Western chart hitters, all with a phenomenal drummer (dhol player, I believe, is technically correct) establishing a loud, toe-tapping beat, DJ Harri is a crowd pleaser. The venue filled up in a blink of the eye and the venue was suddenly packed with people all dancing like it was the end of the world (with the help, I noted, with more than a few drinks.)

BINDI is just wonderful, simple, easy fun. Unlike many St Andrews functions it’s not as stringent or posed, but rather a night you can dance like an absolute fool and not care. Hats of to Sanskrit society; they know how to throw a good party. I for one am more than excited for Sitara*, if BINDI is anything to go by.



Francesca Ffiske


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