Sarah Jack reviews the Under Canvas Launch Party, which happened 19th February at 1 Golf Place. 




With its distinctive one-night event approaching, Under Canvas is set to return in 2015 as a huge success, with the hidden hipsters of St Andrews once again making an appearance at the University’s top music event of the year.

Initially founded as the Masquerade Ball, the event rebranded itself as the Under Canvas one-night music festival, which raises money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Having previously hosted acts such as Eliphino, Anushka, Stokes William and Lights on the Mountain, Under Canvas uses connections with a diverse variety of agencies to source some of the UK’s freshest up-and-coming artists and DJs to provide entertainment throughout the event.

The committee proudly proclaims the festival to be “an eclectic mix of music, art and design under one roof”; the event prides itself as being an arts festival extending beyond music performance. Placing particular emphasis on colour, last year’s event hosted a powder paint fight, allowing the photographers to capture a bright and vibrant atmosphere.




This year’s launch party took place in 1 Golf Place, home of the vastly over-popular Moodroom Collective’s monthly minimood Techno/ Deep House night. The committee’s own DJ SAUNIT kick-started the evening with a deep house mix that soon had the venue’s small dance floor crowded with a sea of appreciatively nodding heads. This opener allowed for a smooth transition into SOUL PATCH – the main performers of the night – who provided a blend of relaxed deep house and re-mastered disco. The bar area provided a busy social area for committee members and attendees alike, with the event photographers snapping away at the artsy array of outfits that added to the alternative vibe of the event.

Following a promising launch and priced at a fairly standard £35 per ticket, the Under Canvas festival promises its guests a unique St Andrews experience of music and atmosphere, a welcome break from the your typical black tie ball.



By Sarah Jack
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