A constantly delivering poet to The Tribe’s Creative Writing section, Stan Usovicz sent us his poem Drop, Sip, Drop, Plop – a poignant, emotional and thought-provoking plea from its author for not only safe, clean and accessible water for all, but for those with the privilege of access to clean water to reduce its wastage. This poem encourages us to think about what we consider privileges and draws us to uncomfortable and unsettling areas of both the world and our own thoughts that we choose to ignore. Thank you for your poem Stan! 


Drip, Sip, Drop, Plop

We don’t even think when we leave on the sink
Drips hit the basin with a resounding, “plink”
Drip, Sip, Drop, Plop, – Makes you think
Our toilet water is better than what some people drink

Plants, animals, and the smallest cells have the same condition
Growth and survival innately depend on nutrition
Drip, Sip, Drop, Plop- Listen
All life would stop if hydration were deficient

Maybe if all people of all nations would listen
Maybe if the people on vacation would listen
Maybe if those in high paid positions,
Would take their mind off profit acquisition
We could improve our current condition

We’ve taken a basic human need and made it a commodity
Meaning a man can sit outside a store and plead
For a resource, which of course, he needs desperately
But will go without because he can’t afford the fee

At some point we have to stop and question
-Is human life an important investment?
Drip, Sip, Drop, Plop – Do I need to mention
That capitalism doesn’t always have best intentions?

It’s not a question of politics or profits
It’s a choice of economics vs. coffins
Drip, Sip, Drop, Plop- Stop it
Next hour long shower, you might put some thought in

Eight hundred million people desperately need it
It’s caused more deaths than wars and airborne diseases
Drip, Sip, Drop, Plop- please
Open your eyes before our water depletes

If you are a son, daughter, or citizen of earth
If you recognize that human life has its worth
If you want to stop something bad getting worse
Remember that
That some people have never heard.



Stan Usovicz