Jessica Yin’s poem Stay combines the joy of companionship, dreaming and love with the fear of loss, loneliness and reality. All set in our beautiful little student town, Yin’s poem captures the excitement and sadness of long-distanced relationships in which there is a constant desire to stay hidden underneath the covers and behind the imagination invoked by romantic love.   



I sometimes like to wonder what would happen if you stayed
No, I don’t expect it but what’s the harm to let it play
Through my head the groggy hi, afraid my breath will kind of stink
I bet you’ll ask for water or a coffee please to drink
I’ll stretch, tell you to wait because it’s cold outside the bed
And giggle when you tickle me and kiss me on the head
But knowing you and knowing me, our phones would soon be out
With emails, texts, and silly pings to send us running out
But just this once we’ll let it ring, ignore them all and talk
About how rainy mornings make me dream of misty walks
Where fairies dance among the trees that whisper songs of life
Though you can only think about how rain affects your dives
I’ll try and understand, ask for some crazy, deep-sea tales
You’ll shrug and close your eyes, murmur that words would simply fail
To capture all the wonder of the world beneath the waves
So you won’t waste your breath on it; there’s nothing more to say
Fine, I’ll roll my eyes, ask you what wish you’d make on stars
Cause even you must have some hope for endless life or cars
Instead you laugh, call me a fool for stars are made of gas
Not magic dust or fairy tales so what’s the use to ask
Now slightly peeved, I’ll turn my back and stare out towards the wall
While with a sigh you’ll grab your phone and leave to make a call
Cold without your warmth beside me I may start to doubt
If we have something here at all to save and love without
The constant fights, the games we play that keeps us both aroused
When cat gets mouse what’s left to do but find another mouse
You slide back in and settle down, the silence all around
Me like the blanket splitting us into opposing battlegrounds
Soooo, you say, it’s getting late, you should go back to town
And I won’t try and stop you, only helping you walk down
To stand in front of my front steps, a hug before you’re gone
I’ll shuffle back beneath the sheets and hide till the next dawn
In the end, perhaps it’s best that you don’t ever stay
This way we’ll never have to know if we’ll know what to say
To fill those open moments when we think of more than sex
Though honestly I’m thinking we could do it on this desk
But focus, without lust, do we have something more to claim?
Or are we fleeting sunshine on a grey St. Andrew’s day
I don’t want to know, not now, just let me hide today
And dream of the next time you come on over not to stay.


Jessica Yin