In light of this week’s student elections, Stan Usovicz’s next poem Think Small seems particularly relevant. It continues the theme of consumption from Drip, Sip, Drop, Plop and reminds us that while thinking of others is a quality often taught to young children or espoused by us, through whatever means, we much prefer to indulge in ourselves and boost our own ego in a number of forms. In this particular poem, the need to ‘think small’ is not only apparent in the content but in Stan’s lexical choice as he refrains from using flowery language or complex metaphors; the message he wants to get across is, evidently, and firstly, the most important thing. 


Think Small

Think about yourself- that’s what you need to do
Quench your thirst with a Sprite, stuff your face with some food
Fill your house with things, a TV for each room
Watch plenty of shows, but don’t watch the News

Find a good paying job, complete with stock options
You’ll make a good wage, not as much as your bosses
Spend it all quickly- swipe your card without caution
Or save up your money and live like a Brahmin

Find yourself a spouse, have a child or two
Keep everyone happy, and entertained too
Go on vacations and trips to the zoo
When you travel abroad, just sit by the pool

Look inward, not at the world that surrounds you
Don’t listen to logic, even if it sounds true
Don’t worry about problems that don’t harm you
Other people can solve it, the burden’s not on you

Screw all the others! they’re resource traps
The water you need- it flows from their taps
The poor they complain- forget all their yaps
Tell a shoeless man to lift himself up by his boot-straps

Never think about the way the world is constructed
Don’t concern yourself with the world’s social justice
When you think macro its far too destructive
You’ll have to tackle difficult discussions

Over population, Water depletion
Security v. private freedom,
God v. an atheist’s reason
Breaking a law for something you believe in

The less we read, the more we watch TV
The less we reason, the more we “believe”
The less we talk, we’ll begin to see
The less we think, the happier we’ll be.



Stan Usovicz