I am so glad to publish the work of a new writer, Emma Corcoran, in our final issue of the academic year. Emma’s poem Brother, Beautiful asks questions as to the perspective of her older brother, who has Down syndrome and autism. She sheds light upon an often ignored perspective and creates a, fittingly, beautiful poem from it.

Brother, Beautiful

Sometimes I wonder what’s inside your mind –

melodic white noise, busted bolts and screws

that twist, imperfect fingers intertwined

and skies of every different colour blue.


Sometimes I wonder whow you can view this life

through a kaleidoscopic sheet of glass –

the glaring scars of complicated strife,

the days we had that I will miss, they pass.


What makes you feel afraid? I want to know,

but I can’t speak your scripted words that fill

the silent room, so my frustration grows.

But if you knew me, would you love me still?


If you could talk to me, what would you say?

You know, I think about it every day.


Dedicated to my oldest brother Conor, who has Down syndrome and autism.

Emma Corcoran