Mandy Wright, a first year who loves food, gives us the whole scoop of Janetta’s gelato about what is sure to be a one-of-a-kind day party in St. Andrews – Fine Food and Dining’s Beer and Brat Spring Fest. 



In my attempts to prepare both physically and mentally for two solid weeks of sitting in the library during revision, St Andrews’ Fine Food and Dining Society answered my distress calls with their Beer and Brats Spring Festival.  Celebrating the completion of classes and revitalizing our souls with vitamin D, lively entertainment, and amazing  food, German-style, the Festival will be held on Friday, 24 April from 1-5 pm in the St Andrews Students’Association Beer Garden beside the Union (Yes – they do have a beer garden).

Complete with beer from our local Eden Brewery, traditional German bratwursts from food cart On the Roll (normally found at the entrance to Butts Wynd), and even Janetta’s gelato will be available for purchase The Union will be making Pimms especially for the occasion. The ‘Beer and Brats’ portion of the event promises comfort food at its best – definitely a foodie event.

When asked about the entertainment, the lead organizer of the event, Maddy Lyons, told me “we will be having multiple student bands performing including Pumpkin Spice Latte, Gaelic Sea, Ben Ashbridge, Catriona Lamb, and we will also have It’s a Wise Child doing some incredible story telling set to music. Art Soc and Photo Soc will be having an outdoor exhibit (submissions are still open!). In addition, Art Soc will be bringing a bunch of fun art supplies for all to use! The St Andrews Design team will be there decorating matchboxes and making cardboard roll dioramas. Altogether this will be a day to recognize all the student talent we have all around us. It will also be a chance for all the students to try their own hand at some arts and crafts. Come de-stress with the best society in town! We look forward to having you all!”

In answer to further questions, here is what Maddy Lyons had to say:


Could you describe the On the Roll experience?

On the Roll is an amazing new addition to the St Andrews food scene.  It combines the low-key ease of a food cart with the quality of authentic German cuisine.  The owner and staff are so friendly and fun.  The cart already has a large following that feels almost like a brat-obsessed family.  The cart is always surrounded by smiling faces escaping the stress of the library or class for a one-of-a-kind food experience.  I felt that the cart would be perfect for this event because it has become a sort of gastronomic sanctuary on campus.  This cart is a stress-free, sausage-filled refuge to the otherwise monotonous St Andrews food scene.

Why is this festival essential for the students of St Andrews?

This festival is essential to the St Andrews student because it is the perfect way to end the year.  We are all finishing our last bits of coursework this week and we deserve a break!  I wanted this event to be the break we all need so desperately.

While entrance to the festival is free for both members and non-members of Food Soc alike, all food items will be available for purchase.  Be sure to bring money and arrive prepared to feast!

To find out how to stuff your face with a roll, check out the Facebook event:


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