We are so glad to hear back from one of our writers Sharon Vogel in this final issue. Sharon’s poem Now deals with the passing of time and the impact which history has upon our perceptions of the future; asking whether figures from the past understood the legacy of their actions for the future.


The moon is murky with indecisive rain

As I stride down the streets of the twenty-first century

Jostled by a crowd of umbrellas.

This sea of cybermen is under the illusion

That we are standing at the end of some eternal measuring tape,

Balancing on the edge of a mind-numbing precipice

With the weight of time swinging

Like a wrecking-ball

Behind us.


But when I wander through circles of stone,

Half submerged in boggy turf,

Or gaze at the stars as I lie on the earth

Alone in the grounds of a time-worn castle,

Sensing the pulse of the beating surf,

I know that the present is a fantasy.


Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hatshepsut,

Must have felt the precipice,

Looming in front of them,

And yet their nows were allusive,

Flitting into yesterdays,

Pasts, stone tablets, and history curriculum

Like frittered cash.


Every step I take along this rain-spattered street

Is a changing now,

Sometimes attached to my right foot,

Sometimes to my left,

And behind me prances a trail of previous footprints

And ahead loom future strides,

And the ticking moments are twirling around me

Like manic dancers

Reminding me

That the twenty-first century

Is only a dust particle

Spinning in a vortex of eternity.


Sharon Vogel