In our final issue of the academic year, we have a fantastic contribution from Stan Usovicz with his poem Tin Foil Hats. Stan’s poem touches upon truth as viewed from the ‘other’ and to what extent we  marginalise those we view as ‘different’ from ‘us.’

Tin Foil Hats

What if the crazies are right?
That they’ve seen the light
That there’s an end comings nigh
And an angry, invisible man lives in the sky

What if the loonies were true?
You were obtuse to what was in view,
Yet you had no clue, never knew
The fact that Big Brother’s keeps track of you

What if the nut-jobs had seen
An astounding amount of atrocities?
They had slipped behind closed doors and peaked
In a room where the New World Order secretly meet

What if the wackos just saw
A saucer parked in their front-yard
With little green men from a star
And they captured them all in a jar

Then would you believe?

Stan Usovicz