Alice Roberts reviews her poetic experience at the Inklight Journal Launch of 2015, which took place in the beanroom on May 10th.

Cover Image of Journal by Anders Jacobsen

Image by Anders Jacobsen


It felt appropriate that the Inklight journal of “This is My He(Art)”, edited by Kristiyana Kalcheva, was launched accompanied by the warm lighting and informal atmosphere of the beanroom. The seclusion, enhanced by the onset of dusk, made the whole event feel slightly anachronistic – listening to poetry and drinking coffee on a Sunday evening (the Beats perhaps?). Additionally, the space worked well, and had surprisingly good acoustics for The Relatives – who performed five rather uncontroversial but well executed, and emotionally invested songs.




The café was about half full, which lead to an intimate and natural atmosphere. Indeed, the event felt representative of student poetry in general, and displayed a range of writing and performance styles; everyone who read was interesting, and transitions between poets and the musicians were fluid. Despite a rather slow start, the evening unfolded pleasantly and organically; it wasn’t rigidly organized and didn’t try to be anything more than it was. The name of the journal (and its impressive cover art) was cohesive with the event- ‘This is my he(art)’. Overall, it was honest, relaxed, and charming.



fingers strum, poets

read, wood chairs and coffee cups,

This is My He(Art). 

– Samantha Emily Evans





Alice Roberts


Photo Credit: Anders Jacobsen and