Rachel Abreu, our Music section Editor, offers a cure to the end of summer, with a soundtrack to match.

As you cross the days of August off your calendar, an unfortunate realisation sinks in: summer is coming to an end. But now is not the time to mourn the end of late nights and lazy mornings, now is the time to make the most of what summer has left to offer. There’s a special image etched into our minds by coming-of-age movies of how to properly bid adieu to the beloved season- a road trip.

You’re picturing it already: waking up late on a Friday morning, clutching a bag of clothes for the weekend that you only put together mere minutes ago. Your friends are waiting barefoot in the car clutching snacks and maps and sunglasses, grinning widely but groggy-eyed. It’s the anomaly in high-school teen movies that doesn’t involve red cups and photographs of moments you can’t remember. The road trip is an untouchable facet of summer that remains unchanging and ever effective at curing those end of summer blues.

It’s moments like these that need a bespoke soundtrack in the form of the ultimate road trip playlist. There’s something for everyone – hazy synth, dreamy old-world rock, hand-clapping folk tunes – all with addictive rolling beats and riffs that will drive you forward. Whether you’re in the driver’s seat, or riding shotgun with your feet on the dashboard, these tunes create the perfect backdrop for summer’s last-minute adventures.

Happy listening.

For Spotify users: We recommend listening on shuffle with a short crossfade.
For Non-Spotify users: Listen to the playlist for free on 8tracks