Daniel Granville, our TV editor, shares with us seven new TV shows to watch this fall. 


  1. Scream Queens (Fox)

Mean girls and murder. This might just sum up Ryan Murphy’s new anthology fare: Scream Queens, a dark tragicomedy following freshman Grace in her pursuit to pledge Kappa Kappa Tau. Little does she know the Kappas have a history of murder, mayhem, bitchiness and snobbery (KKC anyone?) Emma Roberts’ character, Chanel, the reigning Queen Bee of KKT is the archetypal villain.

Fans of Murphy’s Glee and the American Horror Story franchise should definitely check this one out — considering Scream Queens is practically their lovechild. The show also features an all star cast: the OG scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Glee-queen Lea Michele, pop starlets Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas, the ever hilarious Niecy Nash, and SNL alumnus Nasim Pedrad, Scream Queens is certain to shake up the fall 2015 freshman class of TV.


  1. Grandfathered (Fox)

Full House fans and women of all ages rejoice, Uncle Jesse is back on the silver screen! Fox’s newest comedy, Grandfathered, follows recently divorced restaurateur and bachelor extraordinaire Jimmy Martino (played by John Stamos) as he discovers that he not only has a son (Josh Peck), but a granddaughter. Suddenly, long time hedonist Jimmy must raise both children and assume responsibility for the first time in his life (not dissimilar to the journey of Uncle Jesse.) Comedian Kelly Jenrette plays Annelise, Martino’s assistant and wise-cracking sidekick, but it is Stamos and Peck’s duo as the inept father and bewildered son that is sure to steal the show. This comedy is sure to replace Two and A Half Men as the reigning atypical family comedy. Dropping September 29th.

  1. Heartbreaker (NBC)

NBC is delivering viewers a new medical drama to keep our hearts racing revolving around the obstacles Dr. Alex Panttiere, a talented heart surgeon, faces. Glossy, racy, and full drama, Heartbreaker looks like it will be giving us a new perspective on the complications and emergencies in the lives of a great crew of hospital denizens. Based on the real life of Dr. Kathy Magliato (author of Heart Matters) fans of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, or the plethora of medical dramas TV has given us will do well to watch out for this one when it debuts in the midseason release period.

  1. Heroes Reborn (NBC)

Fans of Tim Kring’s original superhero series have been waiting for this one for a long time. Beginning one year after a terrorist attack on Odessa, Texas, Heroes Reborn reconnects with old favourites Noah Bennett, Angela Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura & co. while introducing viewers to new nascent heroes as they struggle and experiment with their powers and changing identities. The 13 episode mini-series airs September 24th. Start binge watching the older seasons now if you haven’t already!


  1. The Muppets (ABC)

It’s the Muppets. End of discussion.

  1. Rosewood (Fox)

Cop shows on the sunny streets of Miami are nothing new, but Fox’s comedic take on the trope is. Morris Chestnut plays Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. a pathologist with a ticking-bomb heart and the awe of the Miami P.D. From September 23rd onwards, he will team up with Det (Jaina Lee Ortiz). Annalise Villa, and the unlikely pair will solve crimes in the steamy streets of Miami. Sounds like prime not-so-guilty pleasure material.

  1. Bordertown (Fox)

Technically this one does not count since it does not premiere until January 16th 2016, but, it is the latest Seth MacFarlane farce, this time taking a look at US-Mexico relations in the melting pot of Bordertown. Bud Buckwald and Ernesto Gonzalez drive the animated comedy, with their respective families and the community at large poised to provide many laughs. It is Seth MacFarlane, so the humour is bound to be adult, but it looks too good to miss. Look out for this one in January on Fox.

And to tide you over, here’s the series promo:

Happy watching, folks!



Daniel Granville