Camila Davalos shares her advice on the best places to go and things to do in and around Cancun, Mexico!

As a Mexican, I take pride in my country’s amazing travel destinations. Thanks to our rich culture, we attract tourists from around the world. Although there are many incredible places, Cancun is by far my favourite. I visit almost every year and, believe me — I can’t get enough. As a local, I have suggestions and tips that will make your Cancun experience better than you can imagine. First, nightlife.


If you love to party, be sure to get an open bar ticket. Are they expensive? Yes! Is the alcohol poor quality? Yes! Is it worth it? 100%. Let’s be honest, open bar tickets will not get you the best drinks in the club, but they will keep you going for the entire night – after a few drinks you won’t mind. It might seem like a lot of money initially, but its far more affordable this way, unless you drink little. Be sure to meet with a PR staff member beforehand, and if you are part of a group they might give you a discount. Venue wise, Coco Bongo is best for an evening of entertainment. This club has an amazing interactive show, and is probably the most popular club in the city. If you are looking for a hardcore party with a ton of people, go to The City. This three-story club is a MUST on your trip, remember to check their website for the next guest they’ll have!


The next thing to consider are daytime activities. There are many to choose from, but the two most popular are the Gran Cenote and Aquarium Cancun. The Gran Cenote is great for nature lovers. Not only is it a beautiful sight, but you can also swim in the clear water or enjoy the diving area. 

Personally, swimming with dolphins was probably the best experience of this trip. Although I enjoyed watching them do tricks, interacting up close was the particular highlight. In particular, I received a kiss and experienced a foot push, where one or two dolphins push you across the pool with their noses. It was worth every single cent.


Despite all of the exciting activities you can participate in, Cancun can also be relaxing. After going out for five days straight, you’ll probably need rest. The best way lounge in Cancun is on a beach cot at your hotel all day, or to go for a walk. If you choose the latter, you’ll get to know the entire hotel zone, and you may even stop at the market for a few souvenirs! Next time you choose your destination for a spring or summer break, be sure to consider Cancun — you wont regret it. 


Camila Davalos