Natasha Franks, the Events Editor, gives you expert advice on what NOT to wear to Opening Ball.

In anticipation for the upcoming Kate Kennedy Club Opening Ball, you will most likely be inundated with advice on “what to wear.” While the suggestions of a little black dress or a statement necklace are valid, the more important aspect of Opening Ball fashion is what you should not be wearing.  An often overlooked aspect of St Andrews Style Columns, the fashion nightmares presented below are best to avoid at all costs.


Opening Ball is a beloved local tradition meant to welcome first years to the university. Display elegance in a long gown, and leave the short stuff for the Vic.

Winged Eyeliner

Given its finicky nature, winged eyeliner will only add to your pre-event anxiety. It also flatters absolutely nobody. 

Club Ties

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Save for the members of the KK, no one should be wearing a club tie tonight. Benedictine, Kensington, TKC… Throw your own ball. This also applies to sports clubs: As alluring as the tequila stains on your rugby tie are, it’s best reserved for Sinners.

Burberry Scarves 

We get it, you have an appreciation for the finer things in life. If you want to show off a designer label, do so with some subtlety (the red sole of a Christian Louboutin shoe, the telltale fabric of an Alaïa dress). Opening Ball is a high society event, not an advertising billboard.

Blazers or Puffy Coats


Photo: Seinfeld

Although you won’t be wearing your coat for long, nothing clashes with black tie quite like a puffer  jacket. It’s October and the marquee is heated. Suck it up. As far as blazers go: It’s a ball, not a job interview. Your chat may be mind-blowing, but your conversation partner will be more focused on your shoulder pads than your witty repartee. Of course, Opening Ball isn’t about the fashion. It’s about bonding with your classmates over champagne, the traditions of our great university, as well as the good music and cotton candy. Alternatively, you could wear a onesie and still have a smashing time.

Warning: getting your picture in Tatler probably won’t happen.

Natasha Franks

Featured Image: Ivy Style “Damned Dapper”