Natasha Franks reviews Jedward and Azeem who performed Tuesday 8 September in Club 601 as a part of Freshers’ Week 2015. Photos taken by Toby Symonds. 

So bad it’s good. This phrases accurately summarizes the fourth night of Freshers’ Week, which saw Club 601 play host to a pair of shockingly blonde twins and a Californian flutist. IMG_2659Known primarily for their appearance on X Factor, John and Edward charmed the crowd with their throwbacks (“Under Pressure” did indeed make an appearance) and contagious enthusiasm. Despite the shame of wearing that grey wristband and announcing to the world that, yes, you had paid to see Jedward, every guest in attendance set aside their pride. Embracing the hilarity, the audience was entertained as the boys lifted mic stands above their heads, jumped around the stage, and belted out their old hits.

Azeem Ward also performed. Returning students likely remember Azeem from revision last year. During that period, the UK became obsessed with clicking “going” on the public Facebook event Azeem had created for his senior flute recital. Over 100,000 “going”s later, Chris McRae booked Azeem for our Freshers’ Week lineup. For a flute recital, Azeem was met with an unusually enthusiastic audience.

IMG_2504The Union certainly took a risk with tonight’s lineup. Setting expectations high, the Student Union Director of Events and Services promised an act “as big as Pink Floyd” for Freshers’ Week. Relying on nostalgia and an inside joke could have been ineffective — but the risk risk paid off. It may have been strange, it may have been embarrassing, but Tuesday night was unquestionably a uniquely St Andrews experience.


Natasha Franks