Tom Liney reviews the University of St. Andrews Sailing Club‘s Annual Garden Party, held Tuesday 8 September on North Street. Photos taken by Sammi Ciardi. 

Unable to resist the promise of socialising with elite student sailors, I attended this year’s ‘Sailing Club Garden Party’. Greeted by a diverse crowd of freshers, seasoned mariners and day drinking enthusiasts, it made for a pleasant alternative to most sports club socials.

unnamed-1The committee members of the Sailing Club were welcoming and relaxed. I was subtly informed about the club and their excitement to involve not just those with extensive sailing experience, but also complete novices. With social members making up a large proportion of those in attendance, it seemed acceptable to be a “shore-hugger” who simply mingled with the friendly sailors. In fact, one fresher was very open about her reasons for being there: “There’s nothing more appealing than a chino-wearing sailor” (Fresher will remain anonymous). Cheers to that! 

Despite the lack of grass, making it more ‘gravel’ than ‘garden,’ and the lack of sun, the £6 entry was reasonable– given the buckets of ready-made G&Ts, a spritz concoction and forest-fruit Pimm’s Cup. 

unnamedOn the whole, the Sailing Club Garden Party made for a laid back, sociable afternoon. Cleverly placed  before their ‘give it a go’ day, the event was fabulous advertising for the club– one not to be missed.


Tom Liney