Sophia Chiang reviews The Bubble, held Saturday 6 September in Club 601. Photos taken by Sammi Ciardi. 


The sabbatical team had a big job on their hands to make sure the first night of Freshers’ would go off as well as it did, and they certainly delivered.


If the line outside the newly minted Club 601 was any indication, “The Bubble” was a hit. Welcoming 1,000 students to the first night of Freshers’ Week, the event featured DJ Joe Jones along with balloons, UV lights, and, of course, lots of bubbles.

And what a debut it was. “The Bubble” delivered all the expected flair of what a night out in St Andrews is, and certainly left the class of 2019 hyped for the rest of the week’s events. Freshers trickled in around 10 pm, buzzed after hall pub crawls (all roads lead to Rome— ahem, the Student Union), and by 10:15, the bars were already packed to full capacity with a good mix of both freshers and returning students. It was quiet difficult to get drinks. On a popular night like “The Bubble”, the bars tend to be mobbed with students from all sides. Most students didn’t seem to mind, rather using it as an excuse to talk to new people and getting in on the fun.


Either way, by 11pm the line outside the Union stretched from the entrance all the way to Market Street. People started to move in from the Main Bar, and the party officially began.

Entering the club, you were transported to the type of professionally organised party that would feel at home in Ibiza or Zante. Plenty of drunken dancing and revelry was to be had, and past midnight there was barely any room on the dance floor, with students dancing to classics such as Barbra Streisand’s “Duck Sauce” and newer Top 100 hits. Properly commanding the audience, DJ JJ dropped a slick mix, entertaining even the most discerning of music tastes and keeping the party going, no small feat with such a big turnout.


As the tired partygoers trickled out at close, there was one thing for certain on all their minds: this is going to be a great week. Welcome to the Bubble!


Sophia Chiang