Each year, St Andrews welcomes thousands of new people, including freshers, postgrads, and faculty. Throughout this semester, The Tribe will be introducing some new voices to the St Andrews community. A lot of writing happens here obviously, but luckily it isn’t all academic! For this first issue, we are introducing Maciej, a new postgrad who writes in a number of languages, including of course English, but also Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, and French. His poems are sharp, playing with the relationship between beauty and darkness. We’ve included two of them here. You can find more of his work @ http://malariyh.blogspot.co.uk/

This word; To s?owo

This word

                                     here it is

 a            g l i m m e r i n g

     f  i  r  e  b  r  a  n  d




in the vast, silent


To s?owo

                                      o tutaj

ta              m i g o t l i w a

        ?  a  g  i  e  w

                         tl?ca sie



w wielkim, cichym


Maciej Maria Jastrz?bski