Samantha Evans, our Editor-in-Chief, devised 10 pickup lines that only work in St Andrews. Want to charm any boy or girl in the Bubble? 


1. Hey, I’m an FS Model.

2. I wish you were in my tutorial we could have intense life discussions for an hour every


3. Hi, I’m Pat Matthewson.

4. Are you a member of Inklight? Because you make me want to Slam you.

5. You’re so hot, you make me wish it was May Dip.

6. You look like you’ve been in the library all day, want to take a break in my private


7. Hey, I’m in Sallies.

8. If Music is Love, then I’m Music.

9. You’re so graceful, you must be a Blue Angel.

10. Do you write for The Tribe? Because I want to write a TRIBE-ute to you.


Samantha Evans