Joanna Burns, our music expert, returns with your weekly fix of new music for Week 5! 

For week 5, here are some of the best new releases from some well known artists as well as artists that you need to know about. A mix of upbeat and powerful songs to fuel you through deadline season.

Stone Cold – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s new album Confident marks a distinct change from the former Disney star’s good girl image to a very raw, truthful artist. She has talked openly about the change and how this album lays bare her emotions. ‘Stone Cold’ is a clear example of these emotions. But the main reason I love it is because it showcases her incredible voice. This is a totally live version and she sings it flawlessly. I’m never going to be Lovato’s number one fan, I’ll save that for the teenage girls, but her vocals are so impressive.



Carter & Cash – Tor Miller

‘Carter & Cash’ is an amazing feel good song to cheer you up in the midst of deadlines and reading. Tor Miller is from Brooklyn, New York and has only released a four track EP so far but I’m hoping he’ll release a full length album very soon. He’s just one of so many singers right now that I’m amazed by because of their incredible voices. As well as this, he writes catchy songs that will, no doubt, will be very popular.



Alive – Sia 

‘Alive’ is the first single from Sia’s new album This Is Acting to be released later this year. Sia uses her music to be honest and tackle her problems with addiction. ‘Alive’ is another powerful song about her struggle but is more pop sounding than her previous album. She has said that her new album will be more mainstream music-wise but, even with this slightly different genre, Sia will surely keep effectively using her own experiences to make great music that sends a real message.



Do You Remember – Jarryd James

Australian artist Jarryd James released ‘Do You Remember’ back in April but his debut album came out last month. Having taken a break from playing with his band, Holland, to work with disadvantaged kids, he came back to music after a particularly troubling day at work. This came after almost two years of not listening to any music at all because it had such a depressive effect on him. But now he has returned with amazing material. James’ music is beautiful as well as powerful and his unique voice blends perfectly with the textured music behind it, using his falsetto most of the time. I can’t stop listening to ‘Do You Remember’ so check it out and be mesmerised by James’ voice and music making.

West Coast – FIDLAR

Pretend it’s still summer and not freezing with this feel good song. Californian band FIDLAR are a classic west coast skateboarding punk/alt-rock bands with real blind-182 vibes. They were the kind of boys I was obsessed with when I went through my alternative boy band phase when I was 16 (and still going on…). This song is fun and summery and a perfect anecdote to a day spent shivering in the library. Lots of teenage angst put into a summery tune.


Joanna Burns