Trick or treat? Joanna Burns opts for treat, with five new tracks to check out this week! 


Week 6’s playlist is a very mixed bunch of artists and genres, with some brand new releases from my favourite artists that have been helping me survive the library. Enjoy!

You Have Saved Our Lives, We Are Eternally Grateful – Wovoka Gentle

St Andrews alumni (and one of my favourite people), Ellie Mason is part of three piece, Wovoka Gentle. You might have seen them perform at Under Canvas as Wovoka Gentle this year or with members Ellie and Immie in Lights On The Mountain in 2014. This track is part of their next EP, coming out on 27th November. They recently played a sell-out show at Cecil Sharp House in London and they are very deservingly receiving increasing attention after being signed by Yucatan Records. I am slightly biased, but Wovoka Gentle are incredible and completely unique. They use interesting non-instrumental sounds and vocal effects, all layered up to create textured songs that sound like nothing anyone is producing right now. They are amazing and I love them so please go and listen to everything they’ve ever done.



Robots – October Drift

October Drift are an amazing unsigned band who currently have just four tracks on their Soundcloud. My favourite is ‘Robots’, a very melancholic track that is coming out on vinyl in November (very edgy). With an indie/punk/rock feel accompanied by raw vocals, October Drift are one of these genuinely gifted bands who deserve to be picked up by a label as soon as possible.



Pictures of You – The Cure

In the midst of essay hell, I have been drowning my sorrows in the happy sounds of The Cure. Embarrassingly, the only reason I got into The Cure is because I wanted to be like Peyton from One Tree Hill but they are actually an amazing band. ‘Pictures of You’ is my all-time favourite song of theirs, with ‘Lovesong’ following close behind. They moved from being a pretty gloomy gothic band to gaining success with more mainstream songs released in the late 1980s. All their basslines are so melodic and are the dominant tune within the songs, which makes them different to most music. The great lyrics in ‘Pictures of You’ makes me love the song so much, so have a listen and pretend you are broody Peyton Sawyer like I do.


I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On – Half Moon Run

This Canadian band’s latest album was released on Friday of this week and the whole album is wonderful. They have gained increasing attention in the UK over the past year especially in Radio 1. ‘I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On’ shows off their great Fleet Foxes-esque vocal harmonies and great guitar lines. Half Moon Run are one of the many great bands that have come out of Montreal recently, including Arcade Fire and Rufus Wainwright. They are another band that are signed with my favourite label ever, Communion, so enjoy this amazing new song from the new album Sun Leads Me On.


Hello – Adele

SHE IS BACK. After four years, her new album 25 (no points for originality, Adele) will be released sometime in the near future. ‘Hello’ is the first single and it is wonderful. An explosive comeback for Adele with a wonderful video to accompany it. That voice, those eyelashes, she is incredible. And look, it is Dixon from 90210. She has said that 25 is a makeup album, saying sorry for things she has done and making up for everything she has and has not done in her life so far. She has quite a lot to live up to, with her last album 21 going 16x Platinum in the UK and having won an Oscar for ‘Skyfall’. But I strongly believe 25 will be everything I hope it will be because I love her and she is an incredible song writer.




Joanna Burns