Stephanie Irwin, our Deputy Editor, interviewed the CATWALK 2016 committee on the model audition process and CATWALK’s 2016 comeback. 

Marking the beginning of CATWALK’s 2016 comeback, model auditions took place in the Beacon Bar October 3rd. Accepting models of all shapes and sizes, CATWALK prioritizes confidence and unique personal style. Exclusively for The Tribe, CATWALK allowed us to take photos of the process, and interview the committee on what makes a student standout.

T: Walk us through the decision process.

C: Two things factor into the model selection process: looks and personality. During the auditions, we tried to get to know the models through asking them questions beyond the typical “What do you study?” or “What are your measurements?” Prompts ranged from “If you were a cocktail, what would you be?” to “Tell us a story.” Our goal was to recruit people with a strong sense of self. One girl described a cocktail of her own creation. Another girl recounted an instance of falling off a treadmill in a failed attempt at seducing her attractive neighbour.


My answer? Food. Always. Photo: Stephanie Irwin

Each potential model filled out an application, had a headshot taken, and did two quick walks for us. They then reached into a jar and pulled out one of those random questions, which usually took about a minute to answer. Each individual audition was very quick, and we had a steady stream of people entering and exiting the Beacon Bar until the very last minute.

The application form. Photo: Stephanie Irwin

Once the auditions concluded, the committee took nearly an hour deliberating. We had 89 candidates and twice that many photos, so it wasn’t an easy task. We looked over our notes, reread the applications, and went through the headshots one at a time. In certain instances, there was unanimous agreement on a candidate. Other times, we would have to argue our case. By the end, we had about 20 male models and 20 female models selected, to be trimmed down to 10 each by our head coordinators the following day.

T: What’s the best part about the casting process? 

C: I loved seeing the wide variety of people who showed up. We really tried to encourage absolutely everybody to give it a go, and it was great to see that so many people took our advice. Every candidate should be proud for having the confidence to audition!


The Beacon Bar runway. Photo: Stephanie Irwin

T: Is CATWALK 2016 going for a specific look model wise?

C: “Striking” is the best way to describe our look. With nearly 100 models auditioning over the course of 6 hours, the committee was burned out by the end of the day. If we remembered someone who had auditioned three hours previously, there was clearly something special about that person.

Diversity, as well, is a big one. The St Andrews student body isn’t homogenous; we hope to represent the variety of looks that you would see every day on Market Street.

T: What makes modeling for CATWALK different from the other student fashion shows in St Andrews? 

C: We like to think of Catwalk as an amalgamation of the other fashion shows. It has the performance aspect of Sitara, the elegance of FS, and the party atmosphere of Don’t Walk. Then, of course, there’s the venue: Being in Club 601 should be a huge draw for us this year. The space is huge, and between the brand new lighting and sound systems, we’ll be able to make the show absolutely spectacular.


Committee members instant messaging regarding audition progress. Photo: Stephanie Irwin

T: If a student doesn’t get in this year, how can they improve? 

C: It’s never fun to reject anyone. Ultimately, it came down to a lot of talent for only a handful of spaces. We would encourage everyone who auditioned to give it a shot again next year! Sometimes just one spot opening up is all it takes to make the cut.


 Stephanie Irwin 


Featured Image: Stephanie Irwin