Natalie Clark, one of our Love, Sex, and Relationship writers, tries her hand at giving Cosmopolitan Magazine worthy sex tips. We think she nailed it.


1. Girl does plank on floor. Guy does crab on top of you. Smush genitalia


2. Get drunk and have an orgy. Preferably outside.

3. Girl channels her inner joystick.

4. Fantasise so much you feel obliged to cheat on your S.O.

5. If you are a lesbian, be as boring as possible.

6. Or, try arse play. Only for lesbians though!

7. Find a hose and do…something…with it.

8. Octopi love sex, right? Be one of them by connecting your fun bits in the

middle and leaning away from each other, limbs awry.

9. Smash your man into the ground, feet by his head. Bounce.

10. Sexual yoga. Lotus position – figure it out.


12. Don’t orgasm too early, your post-orgasmic lethargy might mean he has to

stop! And then he won’t be satisfied for a change!

13. No man? No problem. Nick your flatmate’s shower head and point it at your


14. Go to a festival, do it in wellies. St Andrews alternative: Welly Ball!

15. Spin round and round on his cock.

16. Guys love to have sex in zoos. Face a wall, tilt and let him to do his thing

while you adore the elephants.

17. Girl is an Olympic athlete. Only they can truly enjoy sex, because of their tight


18. Catch him at work, in his recliner chair. Row.

19. Let him hit you with his testicles.

20. Feeling lazy? Lie backwards off the couch, balancing only on his thighs. The

risk of concussion is an extra thrill!


Natalie Clark