Samantha Emily Evans, our Editor-in-Chief, shares the scoop on our ‘Meet Us & Write For Us’ event happening October 6th at the Westport Bar on South Street. 

Want to meet the faces behind the articles you read? Want to discuss articles we’ve published? Comments, concerns, criticism?

We want to hear what you really think of The Tribe — and St. Andrews.  The truth. Essentially, do not tell us what you tell your grandparents during the holidays or your friends back home. The first step to improving St. Andrews, to making it into your idea of a utopia (or at least closer), is writing it down. The next step is to share it, to start discussion!

If you don’t say, they don’t know. That was my biggest high school realization, and I work every day not to fall back into that hole.


Come to the Westport on October 6th, and meet us. Then maybe (if you have a brilliant idea), write for us.


Samantha Emily Evans 


Featured image and video by Nicola Simonetti