Natasha Franks previews Itchy Feet, which will be held Tuesday 13 October at the Vic. 


Fans of vintage music will be happy to hear of the return of Itchy Feet, which is rapidly becoming one of St Andrews’ many greatly anticipated traditions. Held in the Vic for the second year in a row, Itchy Feet is a national institution, with events being held everywhere from Bath to Exeter to Southampton. IF seeks to promote rock n’ roll, ska, blues, and every other sort of vintage song and dance.



On the heels of last year’s sold out event, guests would do well to arrive at the Vic early this Tuesday to get their hands on the final round of on-the-door tickets. For £7, you can obtain entry to one of the most unique events to grace the social club’s dancefloor. Elvis, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles: None are talents to be missed, and all will make at least one appearance on the night.

Join the event page here for more information.


Natasha Franks


Featured image courtesy of Itchy Feet.