Nicola Simonetti, our Culture Editor, previews On the Rockery Crockery and Mörder, two events organized by On the Rocks happening October 9th and early November by interviewing Jen Grace, Head of Events, and Caroline Christie, Festival Director. 


On the Rocks needs no introduction. Run for 6 years, it is the most popular and well-received festival in St Andrews. Directed by a charismatic groups of students, On The Rocks focuses on art of all kinds, bringing to you showcases of photography, theatre, dance, music and comedy.

On Sunday, I met with Jen Grace (Head of Events) and Caroline Christie (Festival Director) to talk about On The Rocks’s latest events. Here’s what I learned:

On the Rockery Crockery:

Are you freaking out because of your essays’ deadlines? Are you stressed because ‘It’s Week 4 but it feels like Week 9’? On The Rocks will help you put yourself together (sort of literally). Everybody shares a secret wish of smashing plates from time to time, and now the moment you all have been waiting for has finally come. Born from a collaboration with Green Week, On the Rockery Crockery is the perfect initiative for whoever likes to make art (and mosaics) out of recycled material. Backed up by Alice (Environment and Ethics Officer), this collab offers a chance to break (for free) as many plates as you want without feeling guilty for the waste of money. Taking place outside the Union next Friday, October 9th, from 12pm to 4pm, On the Rockery Crockery will help you relieve your stress. How creative can you get? Challenge yourself and remember to break hard if you want to make a nice artwork. Nobody likes big mosaic pieces!


It is still a mystery (as it is supposed to be), yet Mörder is one of the most promising events of the entire semester. Following last year’s successful experience of Zombies, On the Rocks has decided to bring back an even more captivating event. Taking place in the castle in early November, Mörder is an art-focused and interactive initiative (the last one for the semester). The audience, taken through the castle in small groups, will be busy with solving a murder. People will have the chance to hear every suspect’s alibis (spoiler: hope you like fairy-tale characters, because this is what the scenario will be about). From 4pm onwards, the castle will open its gates to everybody looking for an afternoon of amusement and relax, and will be the perfect chance to finally find out if your analytical skills are as good as Sherlock’s. Lasting from half an hour to 45 minutes, Mörder promises to be the highlight of your last month before Christmas. Counting a cast of 10/15 people, auditions for Mörder will happen at the Union on Wednesday, October 14th from 5pm to 9pm. Auditioning students will be given a monologue to prepare and asked to improvise (you do not have to be a theatre major to get it right!).
Tickets for Mörder will be sold on the Union website.


Waiting for its April events, which Jen and Caroline promise to be good, On the Rocks manages to leave its mark even this semester, coming up with innovative ideas to make its students happily satisfied. Living up to everybody’s expectations, On the Rockery Crockery and Mörder are just two previews of the wide range of events which is to expect us in Semester 2. Are you excited? Because we are!


Nicola Simonetti